RowenaDebora Kilbarger
Owner of A Resource 4 Hire

“AMTIKA Solutions proved to be invaluable in designing my website. Experienced and Knowledgeable. I love my website!”

A Resource 4 Hire is a Virtual Assistant service.


Created September 2011, AMTIKA Solutions is in business to

  1. Content Management,
  2. Document Control and
  3. Access Database Development.

AMTIKA Solutions strives to make professional website creation and accompanying multimedia and resources affordable to many small and medium size businesses; and to support their experience with its services to ensure their full satisfaction, while having fun doing the work and enjoying the financial rewards.
AMTIKA Solutions looks forward to becoming a trusted web, graphics, multimedia and print material authoring enterprise that makes professional web development design affordable to many businesses and individuals who look for alternatives to high cost communications services, by providing services in web development and design, multimedia creation, and print material designing.
With skills and experience in Document and Records Control and management as well as Project Management, AMTIKA also offers contractual services in these fields.

If you have a project in any of the services we offer, please let us know and request a proposal for the project. Click on the image above.

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